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Subject: New Game - Chandragupta and the Ancient Indian Art of War
swhitebull    11/16/2007 7:27:23 AM
There is a series of games that deal with the Ancient Art of War, called the Great Battles of Ancient History, from GMT Games in the US. These paper and cardboard games deal, on a very detailed tactical level, the battles of Alexander the Great, the Roman Republic, etc. Now the series moves to Ancient India, detailing the armies and battles of Chandragupta, the Bactrian Empire and other friends and foes. The designers are 2 of the most pre-eminent wargames designers in the United States, having won many awards. It is still in pre-production, and should be released by Spring. Here is the URL, for those who want more information: and the rest of the games in the series: swhitebull - definitely worth a look - I have all 20 games in the series, for what it's worth, and is a goldmine of information on ancient warfare. (They are also working on a game called Genesis, dealing with warfare in the Biblical Middle East, for publication in 2008.)
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swhitebull    Some Reviews of the Series and Jpgs   11/16/2007 7:47:19 AM
And some discussion groups:
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