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Subject: Another Tourist raped in India!!!! India is the Rape central of the world
Europa    3/7/2008 10:09:05 AM Why does the indian media suppress the incidence of rape, sexual assault and molestation in the country. According to recent figures, india is a world leader in incidence of rape, sexual assault, child molestation, gang rape, female infanticide, human smuggling and extra-judicial killing and torture. The continuing rapes of tourist, often suppresed by the local media and indian government institutes have increased phenomenally in recent years with many travel agencies warning their potential clients to refrain from travelling to india as they cannot guarantee their safety. Rape seems to be a way of life in india, and the sight of foreign ''fair skin'' tourists is proving to difficult of an opportunity for average would be rapist/molesting indians to pass up. More tests after Goa beach death Scarlett's mother said she should have been more fearful for her A second post-mortem examination has been ordered on the body of a British teenager found on a beach in Goa. Scarlett Keeling, 15, from Bideford, Devon, had been on a six-month holiday to the Indian state with her family. After her body was found at the resort of Anjuna on 18 February, Indian police said the teenager drowned accidentally. Her mother, Fiona MacKeown, believes Scarlett may have been raped and murdered and hope the results of the tests could trigger a murder inquiry. Fiona MacKeown said: "The police need to take action and hopefully that's what will happen. "But if we hadn't pressed for the second autopsy, I don't think they'd have bothered." The government should be warning tourists Fiona MacKeown The British High Commission has confirmed four of 10 British deaths in Goa this year were from unnatural causes. "The police have even denied there have been other deaths," Ms MacKeown said. "If I'd known that I would've been more fearful and kept Scarlett much closer." Scarlett is reported to have been seen leaving a beach bar in the early hours of the morning in an intoxicated state. Goa's chief minister, Digambar Kamat, has defended police officers and said foreign women should take greater responsibility for their own personal safety. "Surely if it's dangerous, the government should be warning tourists instead of giving the impression it's a hippy paradise," Ms MacKeown told BBC News. She is hoping another Briton who could have vital evidence about her daughter's death may come forward. Ms MacKeown was told he may have witnessed Scarlett being raped, but has since left the area because he fears for his own safety. 'Never-ending nightmare' "I hope he'll do the right thing and help us," she said. "The public do care and some are coming forward, but people are frightened of the police." No-one from the Goan authorities has been available to comment. Ms MacKeown told BBC News that what should have been the trip of a lifetime has now turned into a "never-ending nightmare". "We're just about getting by, but it's not good," she said. The Foreign Office has confirmed it is providing Scarlett's family with consular support, but it said it could not speculate on the cause of death.
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