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Subject: Shocker, Indian Maoists step up to the plate
Necromancer    12/3/2008 11:38:19 PM Maoists give gun salute to Mumbai victims 4 Dec 2008, 0200 hrs IST, TNN Print Email Discuss Share Save Comment Text: NEW DELHI: In a defining departure from their abhorrence of the Indian state and the police, Maoists on Tuesday showed solidarity with the Mumbai terror victims and securitymen with a gun-salute to them in the dense forests of Latehar in Jharkhand. If this stunning development was not enough, the mainstream Left has maintained strict silence on the presence of the "imperialist axis" of US-Britain-Israel in the terror probe. 26/11 seems to be effecting a defining shift in the political discourse on terrorism, with the Mumbai attacks blurring ideological distinctions to bring them closer in treating terror as terror sans caveats. Be it the gun-salute to Mumbai victims by naxalites or the silence of Left to the presence of FBI and Israeli sleuths in investigations or the Congress bid to raise the ante without the considerations of votebank, the Mumbai attacks have struck a change which observers feel could be a watershed.
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