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Subject: China dams Brahmaputra river in Tibet
YelliChink    11/16/2010 3:45:47 PM BEIJING: China has dammed the Brahmaputra river in Tibet for the first time in order to begin the main construction work on a 510 MW hydropower station project, notwithstanding concerns raised by India in this regard. The river was dammed on November 12 to help in the construction of the Zangmu Hydropower Station project in the middle reaches of the Brahmaputra river in Gyaca County of Lhoka Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region, according to 'Tibet Online' of the state-run People's Daily. With a total investment of nearly 7.9 billion yuan (USD 1.18 billion), the station will have six 85-megawatt generating units installed, which will bring the total installed capacity to 510 megawatts. ====================== Oh, well. Do you trust commies?
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