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Subject: Corruption in Indian Education System - No way Jinnah could have graduated!
PeregrinePike    3/31/2005 9:13:31 PM
Corruption in Indian Education System - No way Jinnah could have graduated! Man, if you think things are bad today you aint seen nothin' -- it was hardly rosy in the old days. I mean how could idiots such as Jinnah have graduated honestly without some money under the table? The fact that most of the Indian leaders were glorified know-nothings is hardly new... but this systematic corruption is the last straw. Why the hell should we respect the law conclusions from those cheaters?
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PeregrinePike    RE:Corruption in Indian Education System - No way Jinnah could have graduated!   4/12/2005 10:16:01 AM
We already know the military acumen of the losers like Iskander Mirza, Yayah Khan, ul Haq, Nehru and the motely of other fools and losers... ... why should we trust the legal acumen of men like Jinnah or Nehru, huh?
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PeregrinePike    RE:Corruption in Indian Education System - No way Jinnah could have graduated!   4/12/2005 6:50:35 PM
Appreciate the humour guys... and share your comments if you will. But dont go out of you way... I am just trying to get banned for trolling ;-)
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PeregrinePike    RE:Corruption in Indian Education System - No way Jinnah could have graduated!   4/12/2005 7:03:12 PM
No Paki gets into serious debate on these, do they... what a joke! yet, these serious and ignored posts wont go in waste... ..... I am just trying to get banned for trolling ;-)
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PeregrinePike    RE:Corruption in Indian Education System - No way Jinnah could have graduated!   4/27/2005 2:03:02 PM
Wow... too much info to follow through... ... and lose the bold facing of entire paragraphs.
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I have been told by my family , that Jinnah was the junior partner in the law firm Jinnah Kotwal and Mehta in which my grand uncle  Khaikhosruh B. Mehta was the senior partner. 
Also on a more controversial note that Jinnak was the  illegimate son  of Pherozeshah Mehta who according to dates was approx 30 years old when Jinnah was born.
If you look at certain features such as ears etc. you maybe able to  see some resemblance but again it is hearsay. 
Another interesting fact is that we had servants, and still do who have realtives that have worked for the Jinnah family.
It is interesting to me that Jinnah was a Shia Khoja and non observant muslim but founded Pakistan that  has become a fairly conservative Isalmic state.

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Oink Oink Muhammed       9/5/2007 10:20:22 PM
The biggest failure of the Indian Education System is that it does not have tenured Professors with multiple PhDs in Physics, the Kuoran, or Math like the tenured Professors and Imams of the Islamic Madrassa education systems of Niggeria, Somalia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bengalidash and the Islamic Republic of Great Britain.

Fact is most NASA scientists who have immigrated from foreign countries are Islamic Muslims whereas no Indian Hindu has been selected at NASA.

India needs to tailor her education system in accord with the Muslim Madrassas and then Indians can have the bragging rights of having educated people just slightly below the education levels of Pakistan, Congo, Niggeria and Somalia. India is a great country and I am sure great leaders like Sonja Gandui and Man Movan Sing will accept Big Brother Pakistan's help in formulating a credible education system.

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Quaid    Jinnah the FOOL!?   10/31/2007 5:03:16 PM
Hi All!
It's been real fun reading through the posts on this particular link. I've learnt so much, in fact indebited to thank the really fine minds that have added to it. I mean please excuse my excitement, it's just the mind boggling facts!
Basically from what I could gather (please excuse my obvious limited intelligence) from this thread, the claims were:
1. Jinnah could not have graduated from College because he was stupid to suggest partition
2. Jinnah wasn't a good muslim
3. Indians are really clever because they hold high positions in industry
Hopefully you really genetically intelligent people will give this novice 'Pakistani' an opportunity to counter these claims!?
1. If Jinnah was so unintelligent why was he at one point the congress leader for all of India? Why was Jinnah the architect behind the Kucknow pact? Why was Jinnah present at the first ever round table talks? Why was Jinnah actually persuaded to return to India?
But ignore this, please! Which people listened to his rationale about the two state theory? Thats right! The people who mattered! The British, Gandhi, Nehru etc etc! You may claim that wanted to avoid bloodshed, but please, was their confidence and resolve so weak!? And just to clarify, Jinnah suggested partition after the short-sighted Nehru report which wanted everybody to hold hands and sing songs. Jinnah did suggest changes, but congress as per usual were scared after threat of violence from the communist Hindu group! Let me allow you to remeber, Jinnah along with some ther great men fought hard against British oppression of our unique and diverse culture. This determination and sacrifice was for our freedom that we really enjoy today. I believe this freedom is being abused by some.
2. Supposedly Jinnah wasn't a good muslim!? Please give me your definition of a good muslim. A muslim is never defined by his name but his actions. Jinnah withered his youth away and life away for many good causes. Freedom from the British, for both Hindu's and Muslims. However although I was initially reluctant, I will now bring forward a few home truths; Nehru although a Hindu, was quite well knowed for eating beef and drinking an excessive amount of wine. As for his liking of women, the less said the better. If rumours are true about his friendship with the last viceroy, you could add that he had a liking for boys too!
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Quaid    Jinnah the FOOL!?   10/31/2007 5:18:20 PM
3. Supposedly Indians are really clever because they hold high positions in industry. Once partition had occured in both dominions; Hindustan and Pakistan the structures of both countries were similar. Both countries had a Govenor-General and a Prime minster. However there was one difference, the Governor-General of India was also the last British Viceroy! Even after independance, you needed British help. But intelligent people always need help!? Indians are so so so patriotic, that they leave their own countries to be run by foreigners, while they are out in other countries, boosting the economy of other countries!?
However, I would like end on one final note. The freedom we as sub-continental asians enjoy were established by the like of Jinnah, Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel and Liaqut Ali Khan. How do we spend that freedom? By coming online insulting one another and counter insulting! If anything, non of our leaders was perfect!!! If they were, we would be living in peace standing beside one another. Was partition a mistake? The question has no validity then or now! As Gandhi Ji said, "an eye for eye, will lead to the world going blind" So how about we don't blind one another?
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Herald1234    One sad comment.   11/1/2007 7:16:22 AM
Lincoln was mentioned.
Lincoln never graduated from, nor could he graduate from an American University. He didn't have the right connections, pull, or religion.
Yet we Americans selected him to lead us in the second worst war in our history, to preserve our Union; when maniacs, racists, and "little" men tried to tear us apart for their own selfish ends.
I just want to make that point very clear.
Don't show the Free Masons movement disrespect either. Those of them who were among our founding fathers seem to have done an exceedingly good job with the United States.
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