India-Pakistan: Enemies of Islam


December 3, 2007: In Pakistan's tribal areas, troops retaliated for the recent roadside bomb attack, by firing on compounds used by rebellious tribesmen. This killed six people, and kept the feud between the tribesmen and security forces going. The tribes can't stop the army, but the generals are reluctant to push too hard. Up to twenty percent of soldiers and police sympathize with the Islamic conservative tribesmen. There have been some desertions in the security forces, and a few military personnel have been arrested for participating in violence against "enemies of Islam" (like shops that sell videos).

Indian police issued an alert that Islamic terrorists were believed planning bombing attacks in Indian cities, attacks that could occur soon.

December 2, 2007: Pakistan's Islamic religious political parties, which control about ten percent of the seats in parliament, are now divided into two factions. The religious parties have failed to attract more popular support, mainly because their attempt to impose religious law, and constant squabbling, turned off most Pakistanis, and split the religious parties as well.

In eastern India, Maoist rebels blew up railroad track, temporarily cutting a major rail link.

November 29, 2007: In Pakistan's tribal territories along the Afghan border, a roadside bomb killed five soldiers.

November 28, 2007: Pakistan's president Musharraf has resigned as head of the army, and now serves just as the civilian president.

November 27, 2007: Security forces in Pakistan's Swat valley have defeated a Taliban uprising. In the last week, over 250 Taliban have been killed, although about a thousand armed men are still in the valley. Troops have taken most of the high ground and shut down, apparently via jamming, the illegal FM radio station run by a radical religious leader.


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