49BC Caesar captures Corfinum, and 30 Senatorial cohorts
0    Armed Forces Day in South Africa
0    Roman festival of the Feralia, honoring the Manes -- spirits of the dead
0    Feast of Saint Peter Damian, Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church, and that of Saints Germanus of Granfelden and Randoald of Grandval, Martyrs
1076    Emperor Henry IV defies Pope Gregory VII, which will lead him to humiliation at Canossa in 1077
1082    Duke Robert “the Weasel” d’Hauteville captured Durazzo from the Byzantines by treachery -- Duke Robert “the Weasel” d’Hauteville captured Durazzo from the Byzantines by treachery -- Learn More
1173    Canonization of Thomas Becket by Pope Alexander III
1407    Battle of Moribondo: The Milanese Guelfs defeat the Milanese Ghibellines
1431    The English try Joan of Arc for witchcraft, at Rouen
1543    Battle of Waim Dega: Ethiopian-Portuguese defeat of the Sultan of Adal
1574    Siege of Middleburg: The Spanish surrender to the Dutch
1598    Boris Godunov crowned Tsar of Russia (1598-1605)
1613    Mikhail I Fyodorovich Romanov, son of the Patriarch of Moscow, is elected tsar (1613-1645)
1695    Venetians abandon Chios to the Turks
1797    British capture Trinidad from the Spanish
1848    Publication of "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx & Engels, inspiring extraordinary slaughter
1862    Battle of Valverde, NM Terr: Confederate victory
1903    Washington: Cornerstone laid for the Army War College (now NDU)
1914    White Wolf rebels attack Shanghai, China
1916    Battle of Verdun begins; will produce nearly a million casualties in 302 days
1917    The British transport 'Mendi' sinks off Isle of Wight, 627 die
1918    Australians capture Jericho from the Turks
1942    in Burma the17th Indian Div held the Japanese on Sittang River, as the Br 7th Armoured Bde reached Rangoon
1942    Timor: Dutch & Australian troops begin guerrilla resistance to the Japanese
1943    Burma: Royal Indian Navy lands raiders southwest of Akyab
1943    Russell Is.: Elms 43rd Infantry Div land unopposed
1944    Japanese resistance on Engebi and Eniwetok ends.
1944    Prime Minister Tojo takes over direct control of the Japanese Army as Chief of Staff.
1945    British Army liberates Goch, Netherlands
1945    Fierce Japanese resistance encountered on Iwo Jima
1973    Israeli fighters down Libyan Airlines Boeing 727 over the Sinai, 108 die, 5 survive

711    Emperor Suzong of Tang (756-762)
1413    Duke Ludovico "the Generous" of Savoy (1440-1465)
1417    Duke Louis IX "the Rich" of Bavaria (1450-1479)
1484    Elector Joachim I Nestor of Brandenburg (1499-1535)
1609    Raimondo, Count of Montecúccoli, Imperial Field Marshal, d. 1680
1688    Queen Ulrike Eleanora of Sweden (1718-1720), abdicated, d. 1741
1705    Edward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke, admiral, victor of Quiberon Bay, d. 1781
1728    Tsar Peter III (Jan 5-July 9, 1762), husband of Catherine the Great, who kills him in 1762 and takes the throne
1794    Antonio López de Santa Anna, perennial president/dictator of Mexico, inept commander, who did much to insure Texas independence, d. 1876 -- Learn More
1800    John Henry Winder, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1865
1802    George Douglas Ramsey, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1882
1829    Johnson Hagood, Brig Gen, C.S.A, d. 1898
1914    Eino Ilmari Juutilainen, Finnish fighter ace, 94 confirmed kills; 34 in a Brewster Buffalo! (See: Deaths)
1924    Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe (1980-1987), President/Dictator (1987-2017)
1937    King Harald V of Norway (1991-date)
1945    John E. Hill, American wargame designer, d. 2015

1437    King James I of Scots (1406/1424-1437), assassinated by Robert Graham
1513    Pope Julius II - Giuliano delle Rovere (1503-1513), warrior pontiff, patron of Michelangelo, at 69 -- Learn More
1543    Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi, c. 35, Imam and General to the Sultan of Adal, kia at Waim Dega
1595    Robert Southwell, c. 34, Jesuit poet, hanged in England for being Catholic
1638    Giovanni Maria Serbelloni, Count of Castiglione d'Adda, 48, Spanish Field Marshal, d/w Perpignan
1648    King Christian IV Denmark & Norway (1588-1648), 70
1730    Pope Benedict XIII - Pietro F Orsini- (1724-30), at 81
1803    English radical revolutionaries Edward Despard, John Wood, John Francis, Thomas Broughton, James Sedgwick Wratton, Arthur Graham, & John Macnamara, the last men sentenced to be drawn & quartered in Britain, are merely hanged and beheaded
1824    Eugène de Beauharnais, 42, Josephine's son, Napoleon's protege (b. 1781)
1865    Field Marshal Stapleton Cotton, Viscount Combermere, at 91 -- Learn More
1919    Mary Edwards Walker, 86, feminist and physician, Civil War Army contract surgeon, awarded a Medal of Honor
1919    Emir Habib Ullah Khan of Afghanistan (1901-19), assassinated at 46
1934    Augusto Cesar Sandino, 38, Nicaraguan nationalist, assassinated
1945    1st Lt. Benjamin Rush Toland, USCMR, kia at 24, Iwo Jima -- Learn More
1946    Lucien Alphonse Joseph Streel, 35, Belgian quisling, executed
1965    Malcolm X, 39, African-American radical who became an accomadationist, assassinated
1972    Eugène Gabriel Gervais Laurent Tisserant, sometime soldier, scholar, diplomat, and Dean of the College of Cardinals, at 87 -- Learn More
1984    Mikhail Sholokov, 78, novelist ("And Quiet Flows the Don")
1994    Johannes Steinhoff, 80, Luftwaffe ace (176 kills), later Chairman of the NATO Military Committee
1999    Eino Ilmari Juutilainen, 85, Finnish fighter ace (see: Births)
2016    Capt. Eric Melrose "Winkle" Brown, RN, who flew 487 different types of aircraft, made 2,407 deck landings at sea and 2,721 take offs, at 97