105BC Battle of Arausio: the Teutones & Cimbri defeat two Roman armies in Provence -- Learn More
69BC Battle of Tigranocerta: Lucullus defeats Tigranes of Armenia, to capture and loot the city
0    Armed Forces Day in Egypt
0    Feast of Saint Bruno of Cologne, Patron of Germany, Calabria, and Ruthenia, and that of Saint Faith of Conques, Patron of Pilgrims, Prisoners, and Soldiers
891    Election of Pope Formosus (891-896)
1582    Gregorian calendar goes into effect in Catholic countries, as Oct 6th becomes Oct 15th.
1759    Carlo V/VII abdicates the thrones of Sicily & Naples (1734-1759) to become Carlos III of Spain (1759-1788), leaving the Italian kingdoms to his younger son Ferdinand III/IV (1759-1825)
1762    Manila surrenders to a British expedition after a short siege -- Learn More
1777    George Washington returns British General Sir William Howe's dog, "captured" at Germantown -- Learn More
1781    Americans & French begin siege of Cornwallis at Yorktown
1854    Great fire of Newcastle/Gateshead, UK: 53 die, hundreds injured.
1908    Austria annexes Bosnia & Herzegovina, occupied since 1878
1922    Allies end occupation of Constantinople
1928    Chiang Kai-Shek becomes Chairman of the Kuomintang Party
1935    Italian troops capture Adua, Abyssinia
1939    Hitler announces he had no intention of making war on Britain and France
1943    Naval Battle of Vella Lavella: USN & IJN tangle, each losing a destroyer
1943    Himmler demands acceleration of the "Final Solution"
1944    Soviet troops enter Hungary and Czechoslovakia
1944    U.S. troops secure Anguar, but mopping up continues.
1949    Iva Toguri "Tokyo Rose" D'Aquino is sentenced to 10 years & fined $10,000
1951    Stalin announces Russia has the atom bomb
1958    The USS 'Seawolf' (SSN-575) completed 60 days under the polar ice
1961    JFK advises Americans to build bomb shelters
1972    after seven years of trying the Thanh Hóa Bridge in Vietnam was finally destroyed, by aircraft off the USS 'America' (CV 66) -- Learn More
1973    Syria & Egypt attack Israel, initiating the "Yom Kippur War" -- Learn More
1987    Coup by Maj Gen Sitiveni Rabuka declares Fiji a republic
2002    French tanker 'Limburg' is attacked by terrorists off Yemen

649    King Yuknoom Yich'aak K'ahk' of the Maya Kaan (686-695)
1289    Wenceslaus III, King of Hungary (1301-1305), of Bohemia (1305-1306), and of Poland (1305-1306) .
1769    Maj. Gen. Sir Isaac Brock, "Defender of Canada," kia Queenstown Heights, 1812
1773    Louis-Philippe "Citizen-King" of France (1830-1848), d. 1850
1776    James Duff, 4th Earl Fife (1811-1857), KT, GCH, Spanish major general, Member of Parliament, d. 1857
1808    King Frederick VII of Denmark (1848-63)
1838    Giuseppe Cesare Abba, Italian novelist, and memoirist -- one of "The Thousand", d. 1910
1841    Nicholai I, Prince & King of Montenegro (1860/1910-1921)
1849    Sir Basil Zaharoff (born Zacharias Basileios), legendary "Merchant of Death," d. 1936
1884    Naval War College, in a former poor house at Newport, RI
1908    Carole Lombard, 33, actress, wife to Clark Gable, killed in an air crash during a war bond drive in early 1942
1914    Thor Heyerdahl, explorer, racist, hero of the Norwegian resistance, d. 2002
1930    Hafez al Assad, dictator of Syria (1971-2000), d. 2000
1952    Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (1999-2008), PM (2008-2012), President (2012-)

877    King Charles II "the Bald" of West Francia (840-877), Holy Roman Emperor (875-877), at 54
1014    Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria (997-1014), c. 59, stroke upon meeting survivors of his army, blinded by Byzantine Emperor Basil II
1072    King Sancho II King of Castile (1065-1072) and Leon (1072), c. 34-35, murdered
1214    King Alfonso VIII of Castile (1158-1214), 53, victor of Las Navas de Tolosa
1413    Emperor Dawit I of Ethiopia (1382-1413), c. 50, kicked in the head by a horse
1819    King Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia (1796-1802), d. 1819
1849    The "Thirteen Martyrs of Arad" - Hungarian patriots executed by the Austrians
1891    Charles Stewart Parnell, 45, Irish patriot
1892    Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 83, poet ("The Charge of the Light Brigade")
1912    August Beernaert, Belgian politician, 1909 Peace Nobelist, at 83
1951    Sir Henry Lovell Goldsworthy Gurney, 53, British high commissioner to Malaya (1948-1951), assassinated
1959    Bernard Berenson, art historian, fascist-sympathizer (b. 1865)
1981    Muhammad Anwar El Sadat, 62, 1978 Peace Nobelist, President of Egypt (1970-1981) assassinated
2002    Claus von Amsberg, German soldier, husband of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (b. 1926)